What to Expect From a House Cleaner

by Martan - January 4, 2019

In case you’ve been thinking about hiring a house cleaner to help you save some time for yourself and keep your home nice and tidy, opting for the finest cleaning services Barrie has to provide is a decision you will greatly benefit from. While your maid is getting ready to visit your lovely home, here is what you should know beforehand. Knowing what to expect from a house cleaner is the first step in building reliance and creating a bond based on mutual trust.

what to expect from a house cleaner

Punctuality that comes with a smile

Whether you opted for a one-time or weekly cleaning option, here’s what to expect from a house cleaner first. They should be at your home on time, greeting you friendly and politely before entering. Punctuality and manners are important, as this is how your cleaner is showing you that they respect you, your home, as well as your time.

Proven experience and a guarantee of security

When a cleaner comes into your home for the first time, it’s only natural to have some questions running through your mind. Is the cleaner trustworthy? Are they skilled enough to take care of your home? Will they respect your personal space, as well as your belongings? Can you trust them when they are alone in your house?
It’s not easy to let a stranger into your nest. This is why one of the most important tips on how to recognize the best cleaning service is to opt for one that thoroughly tests the maids, inquiring about their experience and capabilities. Also, a professional cleaner must always be fully background-checked, insured and bonded.

Wide offer of available services

What to expect from a house cleaner when it comes to their offer? A fine, dependable maid should be able to present a spread of cleaning services for you to choose from: from basic and deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, move in/out cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, to Airbnb cleaning. As this service completely revolves around the needs of your household, you should be able to get a cleaning service that you ask for.

Professional cleaning supplies and equipment

A professional maid will not show up at your door empty-handed. They will always be equipped with top-of-the-class cleaning supplies, ready to make your home shine. A skilled professional cleaner can even show you a few useful cleaning tricks that can help you keep your home super-tidy in between your booked cleaning sessions.

Friendly, can-do attitude

What to expect from a house cleaner in terms of customer service? Your experienced maid must be competent, but they should also have a friendly attitude. Customer happiness should be their top priority, so except your cleaner to be a person with a can-do attitude and warm personality.

Satisfaction guarantee

If your cleaning service comes with an absolute satisfaction guarantee, you will know you’ve made a good choice. In case you happen to notice any areas you want re-cleaned, feel free to speak up. A professional maid will have no problem returning for a do-over, and working on it until you are completely satisfied.

What to expect from a house cleaner who teams up with Barrie Modern Cleaners?

Barrie Modern Cleaners is a renowned, professional cleaning service, well-known for teaming up only with the finest, most experienced maids available in the area. Any cleaner we send your way is sure to be on time, highly skilled, always fully checked, and ready to make your home spotless, leaving you 100% happy with their service. Contact us today, and meet an outstanding home cleaner you will surely keep returning to!

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