How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Maid Service?

by Martan - February 20, 2019

how much are maid services

The burden of house chores is no longer yours to bear alone. More and more households hire a professional Barrie maid service to make sure their homes always get the best treatment. That way, the house is always clean and looking well, while the homeowners finally get the time to enjoy life again.

However, for many town residents who never used such a service, not knowing how much maid services actually cost still represents a barrier. Here are a few indicators every homeowner will surely find useful when it comes to this aspect.

How much are maid services?

It is easy to explain the reasons why hiring a maid service is a good call, or what is it that maid services do. But why then is giving a simple answer to how much maid services cost never feasible? The answer is simple: the fees for professional maid services depend on several different factors, so the price range can actually be quite wide. Here are the main aspects these prices depend on:

  1. Size of your residence is an important factor that influences the costs. Exponentially, the bigger the square footage of your home, the higher the estimated price.
  2. Cleaning session rates can be based on the size of your home and type of cleaning, but certain cleaning companies tend to make some cleaning types rated per hour spent, and for these services, the prices can vary significantly.
  3. Frequency of cleaning sessions also plays an important part in generating a price. In the long run, it will always turn out to be more favorable if you opt for recurring cleanings (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) rather than for a one-time cleaning session.

The most reliable way to figure out how much it would cost you to hire a maid service is to test quote estimators on your chosen services providers’ websites. In a few simple steps, you can give out necessary information about your specific cleaning needs, and get a free quote right away.

Do you tip a maid?

Do you tip a maid

When you are hiring a professional service that sends you the experienced maid they cooperate with, it’s hard to distinguish how to behave when it comes to tipping. You know that it would be customary to tip the maid you hired directly, but how does it work with a maid service as an intermediary?

Every maid service reserves the right to make their own policies, but there’s a good rule of thumb to stick to. It is most likely that no maid will ask for a tip, but if you wish to give your maid a token of your appreciation in the form of a tip or a small gift, you are free to do so. In rough numbers, you can tip around 10-20$ per cleaning session.

How much do you tip cleaning lady for holidays?

As is the case with tipping in general, it is commonly not specifically required to give holiday tips to your maid coming from a professional maid service. However, if you decide to show your appreciation and make their holiday more enjoyable, you can give them an amount up to the pay they make in a day.

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How much do you tip cleaning lady for holidays

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