Why Is Hiring a Maid Service a Good Call?

by Martan - January 30, 2019

How Often Do You Need a House Cleaning

You’ve probably heard that many neighborhood homeowners nowadays opt for a professional Barrie maid service, rather than spending precious time on household chores. Why do they make this choice, and how can you know with certainty if it is the best solution for your home as well? There are several reasons why hiring a maid service is a decision every home can benefit from, and here is what you’ll need to know before taking your pick among the finest service providers in the area.

What happens when life happens?

Every homeowner s different, but they all share the same desire: to see their personal oasis clean, fresh and tidy at all times. This requires a lot of hard work, and whatever more, to keep your home in perfect condition, you will need to dedicate a lot more time to that task than you might think.

The amount of work you need to put in depends on the size of your home, the number and age of your kids (parents will understand this one completely), and the other daily obligations you need to take care of. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how well organized you are, you simply cannot manage to get everything to work seamlessly. It’s completely understandable that, in this race, family, work, and personal time win, and house chores are somewhat left behind.

However, in the meantime, your home can get cluttered and look somewhat neglected. Although you take out the trash and do your laundry regularly, you can no longer remember when was the last time you cleaned the bathroom floor, or cleaned the inside of the microwave. How to keep the situation under control, and have your home cleaned as thoroughly and as often as it should be?

How Often Do You Need a House Cleaning?

Simply put, most of the busy, working homeowners clean their homes when they find the time. Depending on their other daily tasks, they can either do one household chore at a time, or use a huge chunk of their day to try and do as much as they can. Either way, they end up exhausted, and their homes don’t get the attention they need.

How often should you clean your house, exactly? The only right answer to this question is: every single day. Sounds intimidating? It sure does, but to ensure your home is not just looking good, but that it also represents a clean, safe environment for yourself, your family, and your  friends, you must take this suggestion very seriously. Here is a quick overview of how often different places in your home need to be maintained:

  1. Every day: Making the beds, cleaning your coffeemaker and dirty dishes, cleaning kitchen floors, wiping kitchen counters and table, wiping bathroom surfaces, sanitizing sinks.
  2. Every week: Scrubbing bathroom surfaces, dusting furniture, vacuuming, changing beds, cleaning inside your microwave, sanitizing sponges you use for regular cleaning.
  3. Every month: Vacuuming less approachable spots, such as vents and woodwork, dusting blinds, cleaning the dishwasher, laundry machine and the vacuum cleaner.
  4. Every 3-6 months: Cleaning your fridge and freezer, wiping patio surfaces and furniture, vacuuming mattresses, freshening the drains and garbage disposals, washing your car.
  5. Every year: Deep cleaning your windows, fireplaces and chimneys, washing drapes and curtains, cleaning out the gutters.

Knowing how often you need to sanitize your home and maintain its good look shouldn’t make you scared or worried out of your mind, however. Most homeowners, wanting the best for their homes, start opting for professional maid services, in order to keep their houses clean and healthy, without having to sacrifice their lives to this purpose. After all, if the day seems too short to make it all, consider delegating certain responsibilities to professionals.

What is the difference between a maid and a housekeeper

What is the difference between a maid and a housekeeper?

Most people see all household help the same way. However, there are certain differences between them, and you need to know what to expect from a professional maid. What is it that maid services do, exactly, compared to housekeeping? Here is what you need to know.

A little bit of history

The term “maid” is an old one, and since its making, it was used to denote a female domestic worker employed in a wealthy household. The range of the services maids used to provide was quite wide, depending on the family requirements and needs. Of all household help, maids were the workers that had most different ranks, depending on their skills and importance to the household.

Let’s skip forward to our times. The historical social changes that occurred over centuries of time brought us to this time and day, and nowadays, household maids are no longer a privilege reserved only for the privileged few. Professional maids are now valuable workers available to every homeowner who wants the finest service for their residence. Maid services are now provided by reliable cleaning companies who employ or refer the finest maids in the industry.

Housekeeper or a maid?

The terms maid and a housekeeper are often wrongly understood as synonyms, and many people closely associate these terms with the term “house cleaner” as well. However, it is only the terms professional maid and professional house cleaner that are essentially the same. Although housekeepers have a lot in common with house cleaners and maids, their responsibilities go beyond cleaning.

What is light cleaning

In other words, they’re responsible for many tasks house cleaners or maids don’t do. Among these are chores such as decluttering, organizing, picking up toys from the floor and so on. Often, they also do the cooking, taking the kids to school, babysitting and so on. This means they spend more time in your house, performing various tasks, which causes their services to cost more.

However, most homeowners only need help with the cleaning. Basically, a professional maid’s task is there to make and help you keep your home perfectly clean. A professional maid helps you make your home clean, while giving it that extra personal touch it deserves.

What is light cleaning?

Professional maids can perform light cleaning duties as well. These chores include dusting the surfaces, taking out the garbage, vacuuming the floors, and scooping the litter boxes. If you feel like you’ve got the big tasks under control, but you cannot manage to do all those chores that need to be done daily, opting for maid light cleaning services can be a real life-saving experience for you.

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