Common Myths about house cleaning? Is it worth it?

by Martan - December 23, 2018

Just like many other chores in the household, there are some myths attached to the cleaning. Many people strictly adhere to them while others totally disregard them as misconceptions. These myths vary from the methods of cleaning to the product that is being used. However, it is important to understand them to ensure a dazzling cleaning of your house.
Let’s have a look at all these myths and the realities against them:

Bleaching Agents Are King

There is a widely held delusion that bleach is an ideal cleaner for all types of surfaces even the clothes. There is no doubt that it is a strong and astringent cleaner. However, it is not an all-purpose and all-surface cleaner. It can be extremely harmful for the kids, pets and other family members because of its mordant composition.

Generic Use of the Cleaners

You might have done or seen this mistake many times. Many people use the glass cleaner on the wooden surfaces or the bathroom surface cleaner on all the other floors of the house. Thinking of them as cleaners, people don’t segregate or make categories. However, as a matter of fact, one must make sure that different cleaning agents shall be used for different surfaces.

Homemade Cleaners

People tend to believe that the cleaners made at home will not work as efficiently as the expensive ones bought from the markets. This myth is nothing but a false idea, if you use the right proportions and combinations of cleaners, they will be as good as the professional ones.

Curtains and Carpets shrink After Professional Cleaning

As a matter of fact, the professional cleaners, as well as the cleaning agents used by the companies, are made to ensure quality cleaning. They are not meant to fade off the colors or cause any sort of shrinkage. In fact, this is just a myth.

If it Smells Good, it is Good

Many people invest in the cleaners that have a strong smell and fragrance. However just like all that shines are not gold, all that smells nice is not nice. These products might not efficiently sanitize and clean your house. In fact, they might simply give you a refreshed air.

Using Newspaper on the Glass is Best

There is no question about the cleaning ability of the newspaper, but precisely it is not the only way to clean the glasses. There are several wipes, cleaners, and sheets that are specially designed to make the glass of your house taint free.

The one discussed above are a few commonly held myths about the cleaning. Adhering to these myths will never bring up the kind of results that you are wishing to see in your post-cleaning house. Thus, it is imperative to understand more about these delusions and do a thorough research before trying new cleaning methods as well as the cleaning products. By knowing the proper way to do the cleaning in different areas in your home, the task will be stress-free, and results will be visible too.

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